Certified Trainer
I am proud to be a Certified Dog Trainer.

As a graduate of the widely respected Canine Club Academy, I have a broad understanding of dog psychology, obedience training, and behavior modification.

Canine Club Academy
About Me
A San Fransisco native, I am the proud owner of an Australian Shephard mix. I have been involved with dogs my entire life and love all breeds and sizes! I am comfortable walking, feeding, bathing, clipping claws, administering medication, and some training.
I owe my career to my Grandmother and my four legged friend, Koko. My Grandmother has always had a variety of pets. She taught me to value animals as good friends and not just possessions. I remember her Irish Setter very well. Her name was Shane and she had only three legs. She lost one to cancer before I knew her. Shane was a great inspiration because she never complained and was always happy to see me. She taught me that you did not have to be perfect to be happy. I grew and met many other dogs and learned something from each one.

Koko taught me that I was a better friend as his leader, than by being a constantly disappointed underling. Well, I caught the bug and here I am 20 years later still learning from every new dog I meet!